45 Piece Hammer Strength & Nautilus Nitro Complete Gym Package.

Hammer strength plate load and nautilus nitro gym package all matching red and black 45 piece complete gym package

All equipment is in excellent working condition!!! Frames look good but have normal wear and tear! upholstery is also good but may need a few pads recovered! This is a beautiful package at a fraction of the cost!!! Will not break up package and price is firm!!!


Hammer strength Iso Decline
Hammer strength lat pulldown/ Incline chest Combo
Hammer strength Iso row
Hammer strength shoulder press
Hammer strength Horizontal calf
Hammer strength Barbell preset rack
20-110 straight bars for preset rack
Hammer strength bicep utility bench
Hammer strength 45 degree linear leg press
Hammer strength seated calf
Hammer strength shrug
Hammer strength Half rack
Hammer strength Platform for rack “Only 1 rack has platform”
Hammer strength Half rack “2nd included with packege not typo”
Hammer strength olympic decline bench
Hammer strength olympic incline bench
3 Hammer strength olympic Flat bench
2 Hammer strength weight tress
Hammer strength iso leg extension “Black frame”
7 brand new olympic barbells
1 brand new olympic ez curl bar

Nautilus Nitro Leg Press
Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension
Nautilus Nitro Leg Curl seated
Nautilus Nitro Pec Dec Rear Fly
Nautilus Nitro Bicep
Nautilus Nitro Tricep
Nautilus Nitro Lateral Raise
Nautilus Nitro OverHead Press
Nautilus Nitro Abdominal
Nautilus Nitro Back Extension
Nautilus Nitro Incline Press
Nautilus Nitro Vertical Chest
Nautilus Nitro Hip Adduction /Abduction
Nautils Nitro Lat Pulldown
Nautilus Nitro Compound Row






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