19 piece hammer strength plate load package

19 piece hammer strength plate load package
$14,999. Great deal for all this equipment and will not last long!!!

Most equipment in this package is all Metal Finnish which means its clear coated bare frame which a lot of people like but does show rust under clear coat! Machines all fully function and are in fully working order!! Hammer strength lasts forever!!!

45 degree leg press Metal frame
wide chest Metal Frame
iso row Metal frame
high row Metal frame
super incline press Metal frame
kneeling leg curl Metal frame
seated shrug Metal frame
iso leg ext Black frame
2 plate trees Metal frame
Bicep Curl. Grey frame
Double sides hammer rack NEW STYLE Platinum frame
0-90 bench platinum frame
vkrdecline bench Platinum frame
decline utility bench champagne frame
incline utility bench platinum frame
military utility bench platinum frame
2 brand new olympic bars




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