29 Piece Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Package

29 Piece Hammer strength Plate load package. THIS is a huge plate load deal for someone!!! SELLING cheap! All equipment is cleaned and serviced but sold as is!!! All Equipment will function as it should just upholstery may not be perfect or frames may have a scratch but equipment is in great shape!!!


Iso Lat pulldown
Iso High Row
Iso Bench Pres
Iso Shoulder Press
45 degree leg press
Smith Machine
Iso Decline Press
4 way neck
Hip and Back
Iso Incline Press. “Seat plastic track is Cracked WORKS but needs replaced”
Hyper Extenstion
Olympic Flat bench
Calf Extenstion
Iso leg ext
Bicep curl
Iso Lateral Raise
Seated Leg curl
Seated Calf Raise
Vkr and Abdominal Bench
Olympic Half Rack
Olympic Full POWER RACK
2 Flat utility benches
2 Dumbell Racks NOT IN PHOTOS
3 Brand new Olympic Barbells NOT IN PHOTOS



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