29 Piece Precor Icarian Full Gym Package

Precor Icarian Package 29 piece package on sale. !!! THIS is a full gym with pin select and plate load package


Precor Tricep Extension
Precor Tricep Dip
Precor Bicep
Precor Chest Press
Precor Shoulder Press
Precor Pec Dec/Rear Delt
Precor Glute
Precor Leg Extension
Precor Seated Leg Curl
Precor Prone Leg Curl
Precor Tricep Press Down Column
Precor Back Row(Purple Pads)
Precor Lying Abdominal
Precor Seated Abdominal(Blue Pads)

Precor Plate Loaded

Precor Adjustable Flat
Precor Adjustable Incline
Precor Shoulder
Precor Leg Press
Precor Hack Squat
Precor Calf Raise
Precor Standing Bicep Bench(Burgundy Pads)
Precor Seated Bicep Curl Bench (Burgundy Pads)
Precor Ab Bench
Precor Accessory Rack
Precor Flat Olympic Bench
Precor Decline Olympic
Magnum Olympic Incline Bench
Precor VKR
Precor Decline Adjustable Bench(Burgundy Pads)




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