35 Piece Complete Precor Gym, Package Very Nice

35 Piece Compete Precor Package

Package is like new!!! One of the nicest lately and in new condition!!!! HURRY before its gone!!!


Seated Row
Chest press
Pec Dec/ Rear Delt
Multi Press
Abdominal/ Back Extension (Burgundy Pads)
V Crunch brand NEW
Leg press
Abductor/Adductor combo
Leg extension
Seated leg curl
Precor Icarian Glute
Triceps Extension
Bicep curl
Smith machine
5 stack jungle gym
Olympic Bicep Curl Bench
Olympic Flat Bench (Black Pad)
Olympic Decline Bench ( Black Pad)
Olympic Incline Bench ( Black Pad)
Olympic Military Bench ( Black Pad)
2 dumbbell racks
4 Brand New Olympic Bars
1 New ez Curl Bar
Plate Tree
Hyper Extension
Attachment Rack
Flat Utility Bench (Black Pad)
0-90 Adjustable Bench (Black Pad)
Precor Stretch Trainer
Precor 45 degree leg press “grey frame”




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