52 Piece Technogym Artis Package. Hard to Find!!!!!

52 piece Technogym package like new very hard to find

Technogym Artis Leg Extension
Technogym Artis Leg Curl
Technogym Artis Abdominal
Technogym Artis Pectoral
Technogym Artis Rear Delt Row
Technogym Artis Chest Press
Technogym Artis Abductor
Technogym Artis Adductor
Technogym Artis Shoulder Press
Technogym Artis Low Row
Technogym Artis Vertical Traction
Technogym Artis Lat Pulldown
Technogym Assisted Chin Dip
Technogym Flexability Posterior
Technogym Flexability Anterior
Technogym VKR
TechnoGym Kenisis Functional Trainer
2- Technogym Smith Machines
2- Technogym Half Racks 1 Missing J Hooks
1- Technogym Power Rack
2- Technogym multi station wall mount Rigs
2-Technogym Olympic Flat Benches
1- TechnoGym Olympic Incline Bench
Technogym Preacher Curl
Technogym Pure Strength Bicep Curl
Technogym Pure Strength Back Row
Technogym Pure Strength Lat Pulldown
Technogym Pure Strength Chest Press
TechnoGym Pure Strength Leg Press
3-TechnoGym Plate Trees
2- TechnoGym Utility Flat Benches
4-TechnoGym 0-90 Adjustabel Benches
1- TechnoGym Utility Decline
2 technoGym dumbell racka
6 brand new Olympic bars
1 brand new ez curl bar





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