58 Piece Hammer Strength Gym Package!! Perfect Startup!!

58 Piece Hammer strength and Lifefitness package

THIS is a full blown Awesome gym setup!!! All equipment is in great shape and some LIKE NEW!!! THE life fitness pro 2 black pads have a few spots that will be replaced when purchased and hand grips will be put on NEW!!!

. THIS will sell fast so if you need it jump on it!!!

Lifefitness Signature MJ5 JUNGLE GYM Lat pull low row FULL cable cross and tricep press

Lifefitness pro 2 Chest press
Lifefitness pro 2 Tricep EXT
Lifefitness pro 2Abductor
Lifefitness pro 2Adduction
Lifefitness pro 2 Shoulder Press
Lifefitness pro 2 Bicep curl
Lifefitness pro 2 Pec dec Rear delt
Lifefitness pro 2 Lateral raise
Lifefitness pro 2 abdominal
Lifefitness pro 2 Back row
Lifefitness pro 2 Leg ext
Lifefitness pro 2 Seated Leg curl
Lifefitness pro 2 Assited Chin dip
Lifefitness Pro 2 Multi Hip
Lifefitness Pro 2 Horizontal Calf
Lifefitness Pro 2 Lat Pulldown
Lifefitness Pro 2 Back Extension (Tan Pads)
Lifefitness Signature Torso Rotation

2 Hammer strength Double POWER RACKS NEW STYLE
Hammer strength Smith machine
Hammer strength MTS TRICEP
Hammer Strength MTS Bicep
Hammer Strength leg press Pendulum
Hammer Strength pull over
Hammer Strength high row
Hammer Strength lat pull
Hammer Strength leg extension
Hammer Strength seated leg curl
Hammer strength Incline Iso
4 Hammer Strength adjustable bench 0-90 Silver frame
Hammer Strength VKR
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press (White Frame Red Pad)
Hammer Strength Calf Raise(Burgundy Pads)
2 Hammer Strength Olympic Flat Bench (Silver Frame
Hammer strength Olympic incline bench
Hammer strength Olympic Decline Bench
Hammer strength Olympic Military bench
Hammer strength Calf extension “Champagne Frame”
2 Hammer Strength Dumbbell
3 Hammer Strength Storage Plate racks
9 Brand New Olympic Bars



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