Complete Cybex Gym Package With Brand New Dumbbells Included

6 Stack Jungle Gym (Silver Frame)
Tricep Pressdown
Low row
Lat Pulldown
Assisted dip
Cable Crossover

Cybex VR3 Pec Dec Rear Delt
Cybex VR3 Row
Cybex Eagle Leg Press
Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl
Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
Cybex VR3 Assisted Dip
Cybex VR1 Abductor/Adductor
Cybex VR3 Pulldown
Cybex VR3 Back Extension
Cybex VR3 Abdominal
Cybex VR3 Rotary Torso
Cybex VR3 Lateral Raise
Cybex Eagle Chest Press
Cybex VR3 Shoulder Press
Cybex VR3 Tricep Extension
Cybex VR3 Bicep Curl

Cybex Smith Machine (Silver Frame)
York Performance Power Rack(Black Frame)
Cybex Hyper Extension(Silver Frame)
Cybex Plate Tree (Silver Frame)
Cybex Tree Preset Bar Rack
75,85,95,105,115 Straight Preset
70,80,90,100,110 EZ Curl Bar
3-FreeMotion 0-90 Benches (Black Frame)
Hammer Strength 45 Degree Leg Press (Black Frame)
2-Williams Strength Dumbbell Racks(Black Frame)
Brand new 5-100 Solid head Rubber professional dumbbells



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