This post goes out to my Friend @flex_lewis !!!

This post goes out to my Friend @flex_lewis !!! So 2 weeks before the Olympia this year im on the phone with Flex for a hour, me and him are talking about life and all kinds of things but business! Next thing you know we laugh and like shit we have not talked about equipment hardly at all lol! So I tell him im coming to Florida and will come see him!!! So before Olympia my wife and myself had the privilege to go meet with Flex and wife @alir87 at there gym!!! During that time we spent a few hours just shooting the shit and discussing business about there future and the upcoming gym in Vegas! I waited to post anything till the cat was out the bag lol!!! Such exciting news for a family though to be moving and starting a brand new business!!!
If anyone is wondering how I met Flex, im good friends with @arsenal_strength
And my friend @ahalltn called me 3 Olympias ago to ask me to do a favor…..his exact words were I need a few pieces of equipment to ship to Flex…..I said when….he said can you ship today or tomorrow……haha I said are you crazy as hell lol….. but made it happen!!! Thats what you do for people sometimes is help people!!!
Moving forward when I went to Florida, Flex rolled out the red carpet for us and gave us a key fob to the gym to where we could train privately!!! It was the 1st time me and my wife @mrsharvalias had been alone in a long time! It was awesome and what we needed!!! The gym was awesome I was very impressed and cant wait to see the new location in Vegas!!!
FLEX AND Ali, thank you both for treating us so genuine and we loved hanging out that afternoon!!! I wish you many blessings in the upcoming future and I look forward to helping the business however I can!!! I appreciate friendships always more then business!!!
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